"Ever Had One of Those Days....?"

Posted by Father David Marcham

May 14, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Sometimes it's the simple but frustrating parts of our day that teach us the best.

Forgetting your keys when you're running late--a cell phone that loses a call--or a tangled mess of a mircophone line discovered two minutes before Mass.

Everyone of these-- plus all of your own-- remind us of how we're constantly in need of God--just to cope with the simple--never mind the complicated stuff of life.

But, as I re-learned while untangling that mess--it's also a chance to ask God for help, to re-group, and to laugh at how easily we're derailed--no matter how complex the technology around us.

Jesus offers us His Wisdom, Love, and Peace each and every day....someday's it takes our own stumbling-- to stop and realize just how much we need Him.

So if you've had one of those days....think of it this way: it may have been just what you needed to untangle some bigger things in life while you wrestled with the simple.

God bless, 

Fr. David

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