Posted by Margaret Wehrung

Mar 8, 2014 9:00:00 AM

When we think of Jesus being judged, we automatically think of Pontius Pilot. He was the one who had Jesus scourged. He was the one who washed his hands of the entire affair and thus decided the fate of Jesus.

But Jesus was being judged long before this. He was judged by his own people when he preached in the synagogue. They “knew” Jesus and he certainly couldn’t be the Messiah.

Jesus was continually being judged by the Pharisees. They tested him over and over again because they were sure he was in the wrong and surely they would catch him with his own words.

He was even judged by Peter who exclaimed, “God forbid, Lord, this will never happen to you,” when Jesus told them he must suffer and die.  Jesus responded to Peter, “Get behind me Satan. You are not on the side of God but of man.” (Mt 16; 23.)

It seems so common in our everyday lives to judge others. We look at how a person is dressed, or at their size, or at their behavior and decide what kind of a person they are. We then act on our perceptions without ever doubting our own judgments.

What I find myself doing all too often when someone is sharing their situation with me is that rather than just listen, I determine what would be best for them and how they should fix what I perceive to be their “real” problem. I know that when I do this, or make any kind of judgment, I’m no longer seeing the other for who they are or what their experience of life is. Not only do I not know what lessons they are trying and needing to learn but I am also depriving myself of their wisdom, their gifts, and God’s presence in their lives.

I am determined to work on this during Lent. I know awareness is the first step, from there I must go to prayer and practice. Please say a prayer that I may grow during this Lenten Season and be assured my prayers are going out to you.

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