Mother’s Day

Posted by Margaret Wehrung

May 11, 2014 8:00:00 AM

As we celebrate Mother’s Day this year, I’m so aware of the unknown mothers for whom this day is difficult. Not only am I thinking of mothers who lost infants at birth through miscarriage or stillbirth but also for those mothers who have decided to abort their child and now live with the guilt and self-recrimination.

Most of all, I’m particularly aware of those mothers who were brave enough, due to unfortunate circumstances, to give their child up for adoption. We must always remember that this is a heart wrenching decision. Any mother who carries a child for 9 months in her body, certainly has an attachment to her baby. To be able to sacrifice that attachment so that the child is able to have a more stable and/or happy life has to be lauded. Also, in this day and age when abortion is a real option, she must be supported for giving the infant life.

We must be aware that these mothers never stop wondering about how their child has done. Are they happy, will they forgive her for giving them away? And there is a longing to see the child even for a moment to know that they made the right decision.

Many times we are totally unaware of who these mothers are. They go to our churches, we meet them in the grocery stores, and we work with them … all the time never knowing.

So, for all you birthmothers, today we pray for you and for your children. And we pray that someday you may be reunited, whether in this life or the next. May you know and remember that the love sacrifice you offered was for their good and for a better future.

For those who have received these blessed children, please let them know that you have benefited from a supreme and difficult sacrifice of their birth mother. May you together pray for her.

Every child needs to know they were loved and wanted from the very beginning and that their birthmother loved them so much they gave them to your family out of love.

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