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Posted by Beth Mahoney

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Mar 13, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Meeting with the Holy Cross Hispanic Committee in California last week started me thinking about how we share God’s beauty with others.

The members of the committee stayed at the Mary and Joseph Retreat Center, where the grounds were beautiful, the food was delicious, and the staff very helpful. The content of the meeting was both affirming and challenging for all involved.

At the retreat center there were many peacocks and hens walking around, sharing their beautiful colors. As we strolled through the grounds taking time to absorb the beauty around us, the peacocks would boldly walk right alongside of us, showing no fear or apprehension. Many of us in the group were amazed at the colors of the peacocks.Peacocks

One person in the group raised the question: which one of us will excite the bird to fan his feathers? But as the meeting ended, no one saw the peacock fan his feathers. But this person’s question did get me thinking about how we as humans, as we walk side by side with one another, can take a risk to show our God-given beauty.  

How do we share our beauty with others?

What keeps us motivated to reveal our true beauty that God has given to us?

Like the peacock that can fan his feathers in an array of beauty, so how do we take time to reveal the beauty that is within us?

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