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Being Nice When It’s Difficult

By: Guest blogger on September 11th, 2019

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Being Nice When It’s Difficult


I’ve heard in recent years that “being nice” is not as important as living out faith and keeping the commandments.

This is partially true. You see, we are called to follow the ways of the Lord on the path of righteousness. God’s precepts require us to live justly and rightly according to His commands.

But being nice and kind is also important. If you have ever been through a rough time, you know what I mean. We all have those moments when simply receiving a smile from someone makes all the difference. Unfortunately, when we are suffering, it is hard to find a person who will stay by our side. And it is during these times when “being nice” is so crucial.

The strength of God is what we need in these situations. But sometimes we can pray for a long time and not feel God working. These are the times when a kind smile or the unexpected phone call from a friend goes a long way. I once heard a saying, “If you can’t find a kind person, BE a kind person.” This is so true.


Lord, when I find myself all alone in my sadness, help me to step toward You. If I can’t find a good friend or a listening ear, be that person for me. I know You will not give up on me. Help me to know and believe this even more in my life. And if I can’t find a nice person right around the corner, help me to BE that person for someone else. I love You, Lord Jesus, and I trust You with all my life!

Copyright 2019 Anne DeSantis

Image Copyright: Pixabay.com (2016), CC0/PD

This article was originally published at CatholicMom.com and is shared here with permission.