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Beloved Disciples: Family Reflection Video

Beloved Disciples: Family Reflection Video

Love thy Neighbor  |  Seasonal Reflections

I am amazed each year that something extraordinary comes over the world on Christmas, something that touches millions of people, anyone whose heart is open …

St. John is trying to describe it too!

“Something which existed from the beginning, something we have heard, something we have seen with our own eyes, we have watched, and have touched with our hands: the Word who is life.” (The Word of Life)

During this time, the Holy Spirit wants us to come close … close to Jesus … to become His beloved disciple.

As the birth of Jesus is a beginning of the New Creation, we celebrate a new year during this time. If we pay attention and open our heart, maybe we’ll be inspired to be more generous with the poor or do more service work in 2020. Perhaps reach out to a friend we haven’t talked to or even to reconcile with a family member who hurt us.

My prayer for all of us is that in the warmth, peace and love we feel at home with our families and friends, we will open the eyes of our hearts to see Him too.

About Father Jim Phalan, C.S.C.

Father James Phalan, C.S.C., is a Catholic priest, member of the Congregation of Holy Cross and the National Director of Family Rosary. He served as a missionary for many years travelling the globe to help people come to Jesus through Mary as part of the Family Rosary team. Now he is happy to be serving back at home in the USA!