Catholic Dating

Dating in the Catholic world can be awkward, confusing, and depressing. But it doesn't have to be! Kai and Libby give us some tips on how to make the dating experience better, both for you and everyone you date.

Episode 30 · November 26, 2018 · Youth, YouTube, apologetics

Diving Deeper

  • What does dating mean to you? What is a date? What is the purpose of dating?


  • Do you invite God into your dating decisions, desires, emotions? If so, what does that look like for you and how does it affect your dating/romantic life?


  • Christian author CS Lewis says, “To love at all is to be vulnerable.” What makes vulnerability difficult? What makes it worth it?


  • When you meet a person you’re attracted to, try praying by seeing them through Christ’s eyes. How does Jesus look at this person? What are the things that Jesus pays most attention to? How might Christ love them? Then, ask God how you might love that person with Christ’s own heart. Ask how God might be drawing you to Himself through that person. 

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