What's the deal with all of the Catholic rules on Sexuality? Is the Church trying to repress Catholics, or are there other reasons behind what Catholics believe? In this episode, Kai and Libby explore the whys behind the Catholic Church's seemingly unnatural and outdated teachings on sex.

Episode 33 · January 29, 2019 · Youth, YouTube, apologetics

Diving Deeper

  • What does “gift of self” mean to you? Do you express gratitude to God for the gift of yourself? How do you give yourself as gift to others in your daily life? What does it mean to you to love with Christ’s hands, eyes, words, and heart?


  • Does the idea of reserving sex for marriage feel difficult to imagine for you personally? Do you feel like you can talk to God about your crushes and sexual desires? How might you invite the Spirit of God into the “slow and exacting work” of chastity?


  • How is self-mastery different from repression? What are some ways that practicing self-mastery over your sexual desires can lead to greater freedom in love?


  • Make a list of the challenges or difficulties one might have with practicing chastity. Then for each challenge you come up with, try to come up with one positive idea counter to that challenge that aligns with why the Church teaches what it does about sexuality. For example: Waiting ‘til marriage is hard because I’m afraid that I’ll never have sex and I’ll be waiting forever. The counter positive idea would be: I don’t know if or when I’ll be able to enjoy sex if I wait until marriage, but perhaps I’m being invited to trust God with this desire, to trust that God has good things in mind for me. 

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