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By: Elizabeth Estrada on March 20th, 2021

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Elizabeth Estrada ponders her trust in God's Providence as she asks God to guide the next steps in her career.

For many of us the last year or so has been very difficult due to the pandemic and all of the challenges that come with it. For me, it has caused challenges, time for reflection and family but more importantly time to sit with our Lord in a very new and unique way.

About a year ago, I had come to a place where it was time to transfer to a new school in order to be able to thrive and be closer to home. As I prayed to God to show me where He wanted me to be, out of the blue I was interviewed for a position I hadn’t applied for and took it!

Sadly, a year later I am in a similar situation. The school requires new certification and courses that require a lot of time, that frankly due to my son’s challenges, I cannot commit to at this time. Again, I had a chat with our Lord about the situation. Thankfully, I have been released from this position for the upcoming year and am waiting for calls or emails asking for interviews.

Unlike over a year ago when I thought that I needed to put things into place in an intense way. I even went to schools personally and tried to speak to principals. The reality is, I don’t need to try to “make things happen” as none of it matters. In the end, I took a position I didn’t even apply for because God had control, as He always does.

God has always been faithful by taking care of me; He sees and understands what is best, even if I don’t. #catholicmom

I look at my current situation as an opportunity as a detour to whatever God has in store for me and my son. I’ve met many great people, who have become friends, and have learned so much about my craft and how to make it better for kids and families.

God has always been faithful by taking care of me; He sees and understands what is best, even if I don’t.

I am thankful for the detour; my next position may be another one too, but I know that He will lead me to the best destination. I just need to trust!

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About Elizabeth Estrada

Elizabeth Estrada, a public-school teacher, is an avid reader and enjoys crafting. She is in formation to become a Third Order Carmelite soon with her son Agustin.