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“Ephphatha” - Be Opened!

“Ephphatha” - Be Opened!

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Like the man in today’s reading, sometimes we can be “deaf” … to Jesus, our friends, our family members and people in need. Ephphatha is the call for us today and every day.

Today’s reading, The Healing of a Deaf Man, teaches us, as believers, that God’s plan is one that may not always make sense to those who are lacking in faith. Just as the crowd first doubted Jesus helping the deaf and mute man, we, too, are sometimes doubtful of God’s plan. We must pray for the realization that God’s way and His way alone, is the one we must follow in order to find peace at the end of days.

Ephphatha! – Be open! It’s a call for all us, especially in our family. When we are open to God, we are then open to everyone and everything around us. Was there ever a time when you or a member of your family were starting to doubt God’s plan? What did you do to persevere through this uncertain time of soul-searching?

May we always be open with you, God, as you have done things well for all of time and will do so until the end of days. When we are open to Christ leading our lives, the end of the road is always good – no matter how rocky the path is that we walk.

Let every family be open to God’s working in our life and be open to His will. God bless us all.

For additional reading: http://usccb.org/bible/readings/020918.cfm

About Father Jilson Tom, C.S.C.

Father Jilson Tom, C.S.C. is from the Northeast India Province of Holy Cross. A native of Kerala, Father Jilson has been serving in a parish and school ministry since his ordination twelve years ago. He joins the Family Rosary team as an Assistant, while he works to study Pastoral Counseling in the Boston area. With a personal devotion to Mother Mary, Father Jilson is thrilled to be working to enhance family prayer through the Rosary. And if you ever need a listening ear or want to play a board game, Father Jilson’s your guy!