Family Reflection Video:  Mary and Judas: What a Contrast!

Posted by Father Willy Raymond, C.S.C. on Apr 11, 2017 1:24:30 PM
Father Willy Raymond, C.S.C.
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What a contrast indeed. One, a generous and grateful women.  The other a selfish man who would come to betray Jesus.

Would you, out of love and generosity, do what Mary did,  use expensive perfumes to anoint Jesus’ feet or would you instead be like Judas and criticize those who have sacrificed this Lenten season to show their love and gratitude to Jesus.

There are so many ways we can express our love and gratitute to Our Savior this Holy Week! Some examples for you and your family to consider are: (1) Spend more time in family prayer or participate in the week's liturgical celebrations, (2) Fast from TV and other electronic distractions,  (3) Actively engage in acts of loving and humble service as a family, and (4) Prepare  for Easter by decorating eggs, assembling and blessing Saint Joseph food baskets, or hosting an Easter Egg hunt. Brainstorm other ways can you show your love and gratitude to Jesus this holy week.

Thank you for joining in reflection with me today. God bless you and your family!

Topics: service, Mary, lent