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God's Presence in Us: Family Reflection Video

Strengthening family unity  |  Healing the family

Every day we experience God in different ways.

God loves us as we are with all our human limitations of daily life. God loves the poor and rich alike. In Catholic families, the members of the household should be able to share their God experience and faith experience with one another to enrich their life. We are called to recognize the presence of God in us and respect one another.

John the Baptist was a righteous and holy man, not afraid to speak the truth. He was filled with the presence of God in him. Herod knew that John was such a holy man who represented God. However, he had to give the order of beheading John the Baptist when Herodias played a trick on him. Herodias could not perceive the presence of God in her life and in the life of John the Baptist. The evil spirit in her took more place than the Holy Spirit. There are numerous Scripture passages that mention about the presence of the evil spirit. Jesus chased away the evil spirit from the lives of many people. He delivered them and cured them. When we count on the power of the Holy Spirit, the evil can be defeated.

How do we let the Holy Spirit in?

Let time of prayer in our families help us see the healing presence of God.

About Father Jomon Kalladanthiyil, C.S.C.

Father Jomon is a Holy Cross priest who hails from Kerala, India, and is a member of the North East Province of Holy Cross in India. After undergraduate studies in India he moved to Paris, France to study Theology and to work for several years in pastoral ministry. After 7 years in France, he was assigned to Saint Joseph's Oratory in Montreal. While there, he served in pastoral ministry and studied for a Ph.D. at the University of Montreal. He earned his doctoral degree September 2018. For the past four years he has been in charge of Pastoral Ministry at the Oratory. He has most recently joined Holy Cross Family Ministries as the National Director of Family Rosary. Father Jomon enjoys playing, basketball, badmitton, and is ready for a game of table tennis anytime!