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Go Forth and Shine - Weekday Homily Video

Go Forth and Shine - Weekday Homily Video

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Brothers and sisters in Christ, 

Fresh in my heart, like the lingering fragrance of jasmine and incense, are the vibrant memories of my recent silver Jubilee celebration in India. Standing before hundreds of beloved family and friends, bathed in their love and support, I felt a wave of gratitude wash over me. It was a homecoming, a pilgrimage, and a moment of profound grace.


My sister Brigit, who shared this journey with me, reminded me at the beginning of my Jubilee Year, "Pinto, it's a time to review and renew." Those words resonated deeply, like a call to action. Just as Saul, blinded on the road to Damascus, was called to a new path, so too did I feel a renewed sense of purpose to review and renew my life in the warmth of their presence. 

And so, on this Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, I stand before you not just as your priest but as a fellow pilgrim, a traveler on the same road of transformation. Just as Christ's intervention forever changed Saul's life, so has my journey been shaped by the love and support of each of you. 


With an Open Heart


Today, the Lord invites us to look beyond ourselves to envision our families and communities as spaces for conversion. Like Saul, who embraced humility, let us open our hearts to God's guidance and shed outdated shells of pride and judgment. Like Paul, who embarked on a daily journey of faith, let us weave acts of love, service, and kindness into the fabric of our lives. And like the apostle who passionately proclaimed the Good News, let us embrace the mission of sharing God's love through our words and deeds. 

Today, as we stand at the altar, let us echo Saul's question, "Lord, what shall I do?" Let us open our hearts to receive His guidance, His grace, and His mission. We are His witnesses, His family, called to illuminate the world with the unyielding flame of His love. 


The Feast of St. Paul


May this Feast of St. Paul remind us that every conversion, every transformation, begins with that humble question, that open heart. May the stories we write in our families and in our communities become vibrant testimonies to the enduring power of the Good News.  

Go forth, brothers and sisters, and shine! 

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About Father Pinto Paul, C.S.C.

Father Pinto Paul C.S.C., ordained a priest in the Congregation of Holy Cross in 1999, worked with tribal populations in northeast India as a missionary for ten years. In 2010 he came to the US for further studies. While working as a campus minister at Stonehill College, he assisted pastors in local parishes, led seminars and workshops for teachers and students in the US and earned a master’s degree in Educational Administration from Boston College and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Lesley University, Cambridge. He is currently working as the International Director of the Boston-based Holy Cross Family Ministries with missions in 18 countries.