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How Clear is Our Perception? Family Reflection Video

How Clear is Our Perception? Family Reflection Video

Love thy Neighbor  |  Strengthening family unity

Sometimes, the things that get in the way aren’t really what is wrong…

A couple watched their neighbor hang up her laundry to dry and one commented the clothes didn’t even look clean! Watching from their window, one said each item still looked dirty, not a single clean one! The next day, she checked out the window, and thought someone must have taught their silly neighbor to do her laundry right, because now the clothes were clean. Her husband said “Oh no, I noticed our window was very dirty, so I cleaned it today. Her clothes were not dirty, our window was!

The woman who seeks Jesus’ forgiveness today sees clearly that he is the Son of God and does all she can to humbly serve him with a hurting heart. The guests around the table have clouded vision, seeing the woman as only a public sinner that Jesus should dismiss. Jesus says faith is what makes the difference in seeing clearly here.

How do we see our family members, friends, colleagues, and companions? What clouds our perceptions of others and how can we clear them?

About Father Jilson Tom, C.S.C.

Father Jilson Tom, C.S.C. is from the Northeast India Province of Holy Cross. A native of Kerala, Father Jilson has been serving in a parish and school ministry since his ordination twelve years ago. He joins the Family Rosary team as an Assistant, while he works to study Pastoral Counseling in the Boston area. With a personal devotion to Mother Mary, Father Jilson is thrilled to be working to enhance family prayer through the Rosary. And if you ever need a listening ear or want to play a board game, Father Jilson’s your guy!