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May is Mary

May is Mary's Month: Resources to Help Your Family Celebrate

Seasonal Reflections

May is Mary's month! However, you might ask, WHY?

In a beautiful poem he called The May Magnificat, the great English Jesuit poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins posed the same question to Mary herself and imagines her response:

"Ask of her, the mighty mother:
Her reply puts this other
    Question: What is Spring? --
    Growth in every thing –"

As we sojourn through the Easter Season toward Pentecost, we want to live in the light of the Risen Christ and open ourselves to the Holy Spirit – not just as pretty ideas but as something we have seen with our own eyes and touched with our own hands: the word of life! (1 John 1:1): Springtime and the bursting forth of life at this time of year gives us a glimpse of the new life that the Lord wants for us – that we see modeled for us in the life of Mary, our Holy Mother. She wants each of us to share in it too.

The beauty of creation at this time of year can open us to the even greater beauty of the New Creation. Still, God calls us to awaken to this new life EVEN MORE IN OUR FAMILIES!  We are to participate with his great work of Creation through Christian marriage and raising children.

As exalted as this may sound, we’re talking of something to be lived every day in simple ways, and the Month of Mary is to do THAT!

So we share with you some concrete and simple ways to do that in these e-books we offer to you now! View or download.

We hope that you will check them out and try these simple suggestions for actions of love and devotion will help you come closer to God and to one another.

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About Father Jim Phalan, C.S.C.

Father James Phalan, C.S.C., is a Catholic priest, member of the Congregation of Holy Cross and the National Director of Family Rosary. He served as a missionary for many years travelling the globe to help people come to Jesus through Mary as part of the Family Rosary team. Now he is happy to be serving back at home in the USA!