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Peace of the Year

By: Kelly Sullivan on December 23rd, 2018

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Peace of the Year

Seasonal Reflections

Have you ever noticed how the liturgical year is a circle?

liurgical calendar

It is a cycle that has been going on for hundreds of years. It doesn’t go straight onward, (there would be too many breaks and cracks and interruptions from the times it has been adjusted), it is ongoing. The circle is an open place, with God at the center. We can come to Him from all directions and he will always be open to us joining the circle. Sometimes we fall out of the circle or find disruption in the cycle, but God keeps it moving, fueled by our faith. Our prayers are seamlessly added into the flow anytime of year.

During this particular slice of the calendar, we can be at peace knowing God is sending us someone. A tiny little baby who will do big things, because even as a newborn, he is a big deal. This might seem backwards. A baby is coming and we are at peace? No way! We have to prepare! Baby-proof everything! Stock up on diapers! When a baby is on the way, there is so much to do! Well, hold on. Pause from the shopping and decorating and parties (crazy how all these baby preparations parallel Christmas activities) and let the beautiful idea soak in.

A wonderful little life will be coming into the world and with it will bring life for us all. Take some time to marvel at that. To know God has it planned out. Jesus’s life, yours, mine. We are celebrating cycling into this season together, one family under God.

What makes this season special to you? What exciting things put you at peace?

About Kelly Sullivan

Kelly is a Marketing Assistant for Holy Cross Family Ministries in Easton, MA. She graduated from Stonehill College in May of 2018 and has been around the world and back. You can usually find her wherever there are doughnuts.