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Saint Bartholomew: A Guiding Light - Weekday Homily Video

Saint Bartholomew: A Guiding Light - Weekday Homily Video

Strengthening family unity

Today, we honor the life and legacy of Saint Bartholomew, one of the apostles personally chosen by Jesus. As we explore the passages from the Book of Revelation and the Gospel of John, we find in Saint Bartholomew a guiding light for families in our modern world.





In the Book of Revelation, a breathtaking vision of the heavenly Jerusalem unfolds before us. In this glorious city, his name, along with those of the other eleven apostles, are etched upon its foundation stones. In this eternal realm, the binding of these names together in the foundation stands as a symbol of unity. This symbol of unity among the apostles serves as a profound reminder to us as families that our shared faith can be a binding force, transcending differences and conflicts.




In the Gospel of John, Bartholomew is introduced to Jesus as Nathanael by his friend Philip, who claimed he had found the Messiah. Of course, Nathanael is skeptical until he learns that Jesus saw him before he was in sight and that Jesus saw into his innermost being, commenting, "Here is a true Israelite. There is no duplicity in him." This encounter shows us that Jesus knows us deeply, beyond our doubts, and invites us to be genuine in our faith journey, both as individuals and as families.


A Strong Family Foundation


In the tapestry of modern family life, challenges and uncertainties often arise that can strain the bonds of unity and faith. Economic pressures, the fast pace of life, and the influence of the world can sometimes dim the light of unity within our families and blind our faith. Saint Bartholomew's example speaks to us today, reminding us that a strong family foundation is built upon unwavering faith. Like him, we can rise above doubts and challenges when we realize that Jesus really is the Son of God, who knows us intimately.

This realization will help us overcome our doubts and embrace Jesus’ call. It will help us overcome uncertainties and fears within our families and embrace a life of faith and unity. In our modern context, Saint Bartholomew invites us to be true disciples within our homes—disciples who uplift and support one another in the journey of faith. May his life inspire us to build strong families grounded in faith, unity, and genuine love.

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About Father Pinto Paul, C.S.C.

Father Pinto Paul C.S.C., ordained a priest in the Congregation of Holy Cross in 1999, worked with tribal populations in northeast India as a missionary for ten years. In 2010 he came to the US for further studies. While working as a campus minister at Stonehill College, he assisted pastors in local parishes, led seminars and workshops for teachers and students in the US and earned a master’s degree in Educational Administration from Boston College and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Lesley University, Cambridge. He is currently working as the International Director of the Boston-based Holy Cross Family Ministries with missions in 18 countries.