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The Last Quarter

By: Guest blogger on October 26th, 2019

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The Last Quarter


2019 has less ahead than behind it at this point.

I look at my plans, ideas, dreams for the year and I see some undone, some no longer necessary, some on track. What to do, what’s the focus for the rest of the year – I asked myself and then God. As I prayed, this came to me, “God wants me to do the work I think He wants me to do. Now I need to do it!” And over the course of a few days it became even more apparent that this was an accurate statement. My last quarter will be devoted to doing the work!

I was once a very impetus person, priding myself on making decisions quickly and correctly (ahem). I learned many lessons due to those decisions. Now I decide more slowly (usually) and take time to pray and discern. Which can lead to my desire to be sure, so sure that I keep asking the same questions over and over and over again. My discernment can become too introspective and I miss what is happening outside of myself and around me. I want reassurance. I want to know. I want to know the outcome before I put too much in. It can and has become a hindrance. And that was point of the words I received in prayer.

God knows the desires of our hearts: He put them there. God says trust. God says go. God says do. Or maybe rest. God says take my hand, step out in faith, I am with you. We are destined for greatness, yet we pause, look around, “Do you mean me?” Yes, He means you! And me. This last quarter is for the God-work He has placed in me.

What will you do with the last quarter of 2019?

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