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We Are The Instruments: Family Reflection Video

We Are The Instruments: Family Reflection Video

Love thy Neighbor  |  Healing the family

When we entrust our lives to God’s will, God surprises us beyond our imagination!

On this feast of The Visitation of Blessed Virgin Mary, God is inviting us to:

  1. Echo His Words by our words, as Mary did.
  2. Live his spirit by our deeds, as Mary did.
  3. Share his hope by our lives, as Mary did.

There are many people who live in darkness - including members of our own families - without knowing his word, his spirit and his hope. God wants to use you as an instrument to bring these gifts to them.

May you feel God's encouragement to joyfully share these gifts with others, and may God bless you and your family.

About Father Pinto Paul, C.S.C.

Father Pinto Paul C.S.C., ordained a priest in the Congregation of Holy Cross in 1999, worked with tribal populations in northeast India as a missionary for ten years. In 2010 he came to the US for further studies. While working as a campus minister at Stonehill College, he assisted pastors in local parishes, led seminars and workshops for teachers and students in the US and earned a master’s degree in Educational Administration from Boston College and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Lesley University, Cambridge. He is currently working as the International Director of the Boston-based Holy Cross Family Ministries with missions in 17 countries.