Where Do You Get Your Strength?: Family Reflection Video

Posted by Father David Marcham on Dec 6, 2017 2:35:18 PM
Father David Marcham

Where we find strength may be more of a spiritual journey than a location.

Do you know anyone who dedicates themselves to volunteering, whether it be helping deliver food, clothing, or medical care to those in need? Although we can admire the act from afar, many of us are not moved to take action ourselves and wonder where those people get the initiative and strength to do something so challenging while also attending to daily responsibilities.

When we reflect on today’s Gospel we find Jesus’ example to be a source of guidance. When we run out of strength, Jesus is here for us, he is where we find nourishment for our souls and bodies. As he did with the crowd of four thousand, Jesus comes to heal and feed us. With open hearts, we can pass strength on to others.

How can you and your family help others around you in large or small ways? Are you examples of what it looks like to treat everyone with compassion?

May God bless you and your families today, and move each of us with compassion to reach out to others.

Topics: Strengthening family unity