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A Sweet Visitation

By: Guest blogger on February 17th, 2024

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A Sweet Visitation

Celebrating family life  |  family prayer  |  Lenten Reflections

New life is abundant in the springtime. Newborn fawns, little bunnies, and fresh white lambs seem to suddenly appear. As much as it may be anticipated each year, the charm of ducklings in a row, flowers adorning even the trees, and the birdsong's beauty are always more magical than remembered from the spring before.   

This upcoming spring is extra special to me as my family and I will contribute to the season of new life by welcoming a babe of our own! Before all this joy, however, many trying days are still to pass.  In those last weeks before spring, we look out for little signs like lily shoots pushing through the snow. The tender green reminds us of the joy that lies ahead and that hope helps to see us through Winter's often bitter end.   


DayLily Snow

As Fulton Sheen once said, "Unless there is Good Friday in your life, there can be no Easter Sunday."  

Before any resurrection, there is always a cross. In pregnancy, you sacrifice many things: your body, your ego, your comfort, setting aside your needs for the good of another. Some days on this journey of bringing forth new life can be more difficult than others; on one such tough day, I dragged myself to Mass. It felt like a struggle, yet I knew my tired spirit could not afford to gain the type of strength — grace — it could only gather there.  

I was nauseous while there and was relieved when it was time to approach the altar for Communion. I knelt to receive Jesus, and as soon as I stood up, the baby kicked, and for the very first time, I felt it! I couldn't stop the smile that spread across my face as my soul beamed. I excitedly whispered what had happened to my eight-year-old daughter in the pew, unable to keep it in, and she embraced my rounding middle.  


 Holy Family at Home Painting


It reminded me of the Joyful Mystery of the Visitation, where Mary traveled to visit her cousin, Elizabeth. When the two pregnant women embraced, Elizabeth's son, Saint John the Baptist, leaped in her womb at the presence of the Lord Jesus within the Blessed Virgin.   

Suddenly, the bigger picture, obscured by my impatience, became apparent. It's just a season that I'm in. It's a challenging one but beautiful and fleeting nonetheless. I felt a strong conviction to embrace it for all it is and to give more honor to the merit it offers my soul if I walk it well.   


Lent 2024_Winters Blog 1080x (1)

Lent is a remarkable season to sacrifice, pray in reparation, and grow in the knowledge and love of our Savior, who suffered much and suffered well. Whether it is Lent, sickness, or another challenge, our faith assures us that no pain we endure needs to be experienced in vain.   

I, not only, met Jesus in Church that morning, but Mary too as she is always present at the foot of her Son's holy Cross. Like her, we can unite our suffering to Jesus' sacrifice. When we place our spirit there, between her mantle and His Cross, we are never alone.   

In challenging times, I find strength in remembering every joy on earth is but a small foretaste of what awaits us in Heaven. May we be granted these tender shoots of green when we need them the most to help us persevere. 




Cait Winters is a Massachusetts mom of 3 (and one on the way!) living a simple life in a small, woodsy town with her kids, husband, and dog. She is a freelance writer, aspiring author, founder of Motherhood Through the Mysteries, and a poet at heart who loves writing about finding God in the midst of everyday moments. Learn more: motherhoodthroughthemysteries.com and prayersoverthekitchensink.com