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"The family that prays together stays together." - Venerable Patrick Peyton

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5 Ways to Experience Hope In Holy Week

If your Lent has been like mine, it has been a season of darkness and dryness. Personal struggles, doubts, fear, discouragement, and dealing with the illness of my youngest sister are some of the challenges that have arisen on the journey through Lent, providing plenty of opportunity for built-in sacrifice and penance. Through the difficulties, however, the joyful theme of hope repeatedly emerged as the virtue to focus my attention on and embrace. I realized that I have been concentrating on the trials and hardships and taking my eyes off of Jesus and the hope of the Resurrection.

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Lenten Reflections  |  Lenten sacrifice  |  family life

Embracing the Lenten Sacrifices We Didn’t Choose

God’s plans for my Lenten fasting In the weeks leading up to Lent, I prayerfully discerned what I might give up for the season of fasting. I weighed the options, considered what would be most difficult and what would help me grow in holiness, and made my decision. I would give up scrolling through social media and greatly reduce my screen time.

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Lenten Reflections  |  Seasonal Reflections

Forgiveness Within the Family

What do we know about reconciliation within the Family? I want to share a story about forgiveness that a mother told me about an interaction between her and her daughter. Also, make sure you read the Family Activity found at the end of this post!

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