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"The family that prays together stays together." - Venerable Patrick Peyton

Father Matthew Gill

Father Matthew Gill is a priest in the Diocese of Fall River, MA. He is currently assigned as pastor of Holy Family parish in East Taunton. Father Matt also serves as chaplain to a Hispanic community and local Catholic school. During his free time, you can find him playing jazz and funk with priest friends in his band, Vatican III.

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Why Go to the Blessed Mother

Family Rosary continues our May reflections on the motherly role that the Blessed Mother plays in our lives. Often times Catholics are questioned, "Why not go directly to God? Why do you go to Mary with your prayers?" Well, I propose a few reasons why we, as Catholics, turn to the Blessed Mother, gaze upon her beauty, and ask for her prayers.

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Why Come to Mass on Sunday?

These are three questions that many people ask with sincerity—they ask them honestly: Why can't I pray in nature, which truly lifts my spirit up to God? Why do I have to be with others if I pray better on my own? Why couldn't I substitute my personal prayer for Mass if I'm very busy? I want to address these questions with gentleness and love because, as I said, I think many people ask them sincerely. And I'd like to begin with our Gospel passage which might be able to set us in the right direction.

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