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Family Reflection Video: How Much Faith Do You Have Today?

Family Reflection Video: How Much Faith Do You Have Today?

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If your faith was a car’s gas gauge, would yours be full … or running on empty?

With the early death of her father, Edith Stein’s faith decreased enough for her to lose confidence in God completely. Her story is opposed with the woman in today’s Gospel, who placed her faith in Jesus even when questioned.

There are times that make us so desperate, we are tempted to place our trust in our own plans and not in God’s.

Each of us has a choice today. Who will we turn to first to figure out this day … and tomorrow? Are we open to God’s plan and willing to follow? Are we helping our families and friends to find answers to their questions through God’s help?

We are reminded today that the story isn’t over as long as we place our trust in God. Our perseverance, faith and endurance will be rewarded. I pray that you and your family will be filled with faith this day, and that you will find confidence in God.

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