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Family Reflection Video: Reordering the World Order

Family Reflection Video: Reordering the World Order

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Jesus raised the status of women as He envisioned a new type of family relationship founded on equality.

Jesus came to reorder the world. In today’s gospel Jesus redefines the place of women in a patriarchal world, portraying a movement of women away from being victims, and reordering the relationship between men and women back to the way God intended.

Jesus taught us that all people should be treated the same way and He knew that lesson started in the home with families. What can you do in your family to ensure every member of your family is equally treated, heard and loved?

Let’s close our time together in prayer:

Lord, you bless us with faith, hope and love.

Your Spirit dwelling within us

makes us temples of his glory.

Our family is filled with these blessed gifts.

Let us not ignore the treasure in our hearts.


About Father Pinto Paul, C.S.C.

Father Pinto Paul, C.S.C. serves as the International Director of Holy Cross Family Ministries. Prior to his ordination Father Pinto received many degrees in areas ranging from Political Science to Theology. Ordained a priest in 1999, he served as a parish priest, vice principal and administrator of Holy Cross School in Northeast India. Father Pinto grew up in Kerala, India with his 8 siblings. In 2010 he came to the United States for further studies, pursuing a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership. If you run into him, you may hear him say, "A life well lived is a life lived for others," a mantra he strives to live by.