Family Reflection Video: Separating the Sheep from the Goats

Posted by Father Leo Polselli, C.S.C. on Mar 6, 2017 3:41:19 PM
Father Leo Polselli, C.S.C.

Matthew 25:31-46 speaks of a shepherd who separates the sheep, Jesus’ followers, from the goats, those who wander. What is the message for us today?

It’s easy to get wrapped up in ourselves and want to make our own way. Lent is a great time to focus on thinking outside of ourselves. With your family tonight, brainstorm ways you can move forward in helping others this Lenten season. Do you take time to really listen to those talking to you? Do you pass by people on the street without a smile or nod? Do you quickly respond to help your loved ones? Challenge your family daily to be attentive to those in need.

There are many people around us … people with needs, people who need to be acknowledged, who need to be cared for and loved. When we reach out to those people of our world, it is Christ we are reaching out to.

All year, but especially at Lent, care for those in need:

“For I was hungry and you gave me food,

I was thirsty and you gave me drink,

a stranger and you welcomed me,

naked and you clothed me,

ill and you cared for me,

in prison and you visited me.”

God bless you and your family.

Topics: service, lent