Family Reflection Video: Touching the Lives of Others

Posted by Father Pinto Paul, C.S.C. on May 10, 2017 4:04:27 PM
Father Pinto Paul, C.S.C.

Pope Francis is a great role model of warmth, compassion and affection to all, including the marginalized.

Jesus lights our way through every human situation. We can tap into the warmth, comfort, and strength of His divine light through simple acts of compassion. As Saint Teresa of Calcutta would say, “God doesn’t ask us to do great things, He asks us to do small things with great love.”

Brainstorm ways with your family tonight how you can show sincere appreciation to one another. What more can you do to live out the warmth, comfort and strength of Jesus’ divine light?

May you and your family continue to find ways to touch the lives of others daily. God bless you, my friends.

For additional reading: John 12:44-50 and learn more about Vinicio Riva's story

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