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Mary Magdalene Waited And Was Rewarded - Family Reflection Video

Mary Magdalene Waited And Was Rewarded - Family Reflection Video

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Wally Funk, at 82, the oldest person to ever fly in space, commented upon her return to earth that she had been waiting a long time to get up there and it finally happened. My thoughts turned to Mary Magdalene, whose feast day we celebrate today. As a disciple of Jesus, she joined the ranks of other men and women who stood by Him, and participated in His mission of bringing compassion and care to the masses. Wally Funk waited and she finally got up there. Mary Magdalene waited and she got to meet Jesus.


Mary Magdalene lived an inspirational life. She traveled with Jesus, and we can only imagine what this possibly could have been like.

She stood near the cross during His crucifixion. What could possibly be going through her mind as she witnessed his painful death - again, one can only imagine. She went to the tomb to anoint His body on Easter morning, and became the first witness to his resurrection. But there is something else that she did that invites further reflection.

When she found an empty tomb, she ran to tell the other disciples; and they and she returned.

However, the disciples soon left - but not Mary Magdalene.

She stayed behind, no doubt distraught, but possibly hoping to find consolation lingering in the place where His body once lay.

But note what was said. The other disciples left, but Mary remained and waited. Her wait was rewarded. That is her message to us today:

Wait upon the Lord and you will receive your just reward.

Perseverance in prayer will be rewarded.

Our most recent female astronaut waited and finally got up there. Mary Magdalene waited, and she met Him, who created the 'up there'.

At the tomb, Mary Magdalene wanted to be alone, and remained behind. Her soul was thirsting for the living God and no doubt her thoughts were, "When shall I see the living God face to face?"

Mary Magdalene has a message for us today who are seeking the living God.

Persevere, she tells us today. Wait on the Lord.

The One we seek outwardly will also be the One who is calling us inwardly.

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