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Rosary Reflections for Pregnant Mothers: Second Glorious Mystery

Rosary Reflections for Pregnant Mothers: Second Glorious Mystery

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Today we will pray the Second Glorious Mystery: The Ascension.

To meditate upon the Ascension, as a pregnant mother, can truly bring peace and joy. The time that Christ spent on earth, from His Resurrection to His Ascension, was a time of teaching and preparation for the Apostles. It was through Jesus’ love for souls that He continued to spend forty days after His Resurrection on earth. God is aware of our failings and limitations, and He did not leave His apostles forsaken even after the Gates of Heaven were opened by His Sacrifice on the Cross.  

As mothers, we can find comfort in reflecting upon the Apostles who found comfort in seeing Christ again and listening to His teachings after His Resurrection. There is no coincidence that God prepares a woman for motherhood by providing nine months for that sweet baby to grow in her womb. It is during these months that mothers can grow closer to the Lord.


CM Rosary Reflection Glorious 2

As a mother cannot see the baby until he/she has reached full-term, so too we cannot see Christ until our death. But there is joy in knowing that He is always with us. After forty days, Christ left His apostles, and Our Lady, and ascended into heaven. An expecting mother can find solace in reflecting upon those moments of anticipation for that dear baby and know that God is always by her side. Christ left His mother on this earth without His human presence, but He never left her without His spiritual presence. As expecting mothers, we can find peace with Christ through Our Lady as we embark on this beautiful vocation of motherhood.  


The writers of Catholic Mom enthusiastically gathered to share meditations on each Mystery of the Rosary in a special way for pregnant mothers. We invite you to join us throughout the month of May as we pray together each day, and to share these reflections with other moms who will enjoy them.


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