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Rosary Reflections for Pregnant Mothers: Second Sorrowful Mystery

Rosary Reflections for Pregnant Mothers: Second Sorrowful Mystery

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Today we will pray the Second Sorrowful Mystery: The Scourging at the Pillar.

The fruit of this mystery is purity and mortification. As a mom, you will have many opportunities to make small sacrifices every minute of every day. Even now, as an expectant mom, you have already made so many sacrifices and will continue to do so.

From morning sickness to swollen feet, you have sacrificed your comfort for the tiny child you are carrying. You love that little one so much that you would and will do anything to make sure that baby has and gets anything he/she needs to thrive. 


CM Rosary Reflection Sorrow 2


Like Jesus, you will suffer the pain for love of your baby just as He did for you. Your journey as a mom will give you many opportunities to offer up all the sacrifices you make at every milestone of your baby’s life.   

Remember to always join your pain with Jesus on the Cross.  


The writers of Catholic Mom enthusiastically gathered to share meditations on each Mystery of the Rosary in a special way for pregnant mothers. We invite you to join us throughout the month of May as we pray together each day, and to share these reflections with other moms who will enjoy them.


Pray along with the Rosary Reflections for Pregnant Mothers



Images: created by Ted Schluenderfritz for Holy Cross Family Ministries

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