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To Heal as Christ Healed – Family Reflection Video

To Heal as Christ Healed – Family Reflection Video

Healing the family  |  Holy lives of inspiration

These past couple of days the Scripture readings have mirrored the pain, anger, and despair of many of our contemporaries. We heard the cry and anguish of Hannah who was barren and wanted so much to conceive a son. Later it was the account of the lepers and their isolation, an experience felt by homeless people, migrants and addicts living in tents on city streets.

Today we heard what happened when Jesus entered the synagogue and wanted to pray but was accosted by a deranged man, not unlike so many men and women roaming our streets without needed medications and hospitalizations.

We heard the reaction of the people who happen to be with Jesus in the temple that day, their words of astonishment at what he was able to do and perform. They asked, who is this man?

This past Sunday, on the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, I commented in a homily that we bear the mark of Christ, not his wounds although some do, rather we have been baptized and anointed priest, prophet, and king. What are the healing powers that we possess? Are we using them?

When Elkanah saw his wife, Hannah, grieving, sobbing that she could not conceive, he reached out to her with love and asked, “Hannah, am I not more important to you than ten sons?”

What do we have to offer, to share with our contemporaries today who despair, feel isolated, alone? What is our authority? What has God given to us that allows us to act in His name?

At the opening prayer today, our prayer was addressed to God. It could also be addressed to us when we look around. Let us ask God to help us see what must be done and gain the strength to do what we have seen. Amen.

About Father Leo Polselli, C.S.C.

Father Leo Polselli, C.S.C. is Chaplain at the Father Peyton Center in Easton, MA. Before coming to Holy Cross Family Ministries he served as a teacher and a parish priest. He also served for six years as a General Assistant of the Congregation in Rome, Italy. Originally from Fall River, MA, Father Leo grew up with eight siblings. Gifted with several languages, he is able to serve the Brazilian, Cape Verdean, Portuguese, Spanish and Haitian communities. When he's not greeting everyone who comes to the Father Peyton Center, you can find him regularly reading newspapers!