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Annual Family Novena Celebrating Venerable Patrick Peyton

By: Family Rosary on January 2nd, 2024

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Annual Family Novena Celebrating Venerable Patrick Peyton's Birth

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Let’s all make a New Year resolution worth keeping! Daily family prayer! 


Begin Praying Here!

The annual Family Novena Celebrating Venerable Patrick Peyton’s Birth begins on January 9 and continues each day through January 17. There could be no better way for you and your family to start the New Year – asking Father Peyton and Our Blessed Mother to pray with you and for you from heaven for your needs and concerns. The Church refers to this as “intercession” … like asking a friend here on earth to pray with you and for you.

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Download Novena Booklet (English)

Download Novena Booklet (Spanish)


When Father Peyton encouraged the world with his message, “The Family That Prays Together Stays Together,” he was zealous about it! He was sure praying together, especially the Rosary, would make a tremendous difference in homes. Families are facing so many challenges today; we need family prayer more than ever. Perhaps healing our families can help heal a community, then a country, and eventually the world.

Will you and your family consider this? It’s only 9 days, and we’re confident it will make a difference in your home long after that. 

If you and your family are new to Rosary prayer together, don’t get intimidated or give up. The Novena booklet provides easy-to-follow instructions and all the necessary prayers. Remember there are no mistakes in our sincere prayer. Maybe you can start with a prayer, or a decade of the Rosary then keep adding more each day. It will get easier each time until it quickly becomes a peaceful and positive part of the day that you and your family look forward to. It will help you relax, draw you closer to your family, and fill you with confidence and grace that God’s got everything under control.

Father Peyton was our ministry’s founder and is now a candidate for sainthood. His ministry continued after he went home to God in 1992 because his work was not done. We still need to encourage families as he did. Father Peyton devoted his priesthood to the spiritual well-being of families and became their prayer partner – praying with them and for them. We believe he is still doing that from heaven. 

Talk to your family about the Novena and join us. Pray for your family and pray for Venerable Patrick Peyton’s eventual canonization so he can inspire future generations by being declared the “Saint for Family Prayer.” He’s halfway through the 4-step process now and your prayers can help.

Additionally, we invite you to pray with Family Rosary during our daily 11:30 am ET Rosary live on Facebook (You don't need a Facebook account to view). We will be airing the Rosary and Novena over the weekend, also at 11:30 am ET, so we can continue to pray together. Not a convenient time? The live Rosary and Novena prayers remain available as recordings at the same link. 

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