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Family Reflection Video: Pruning for God

Family Reflection Video: Pruning for God

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We are all connected to the vine and each of us are called to bear fruit in plenty. However, pruning must be done before we can flourish and blossom.

Where a vine is pruned, there is an abundance of fruit. For each of us to grow, we must be open to “pruning.” Whether it be guidance from family and friends or guidance from God through prayer, it’s important we all are open to pruning and the resultant growth to become the person God created us to be. 

Often it’s difficult to “prune” family members. Whether it’s encouraging them to be kinder to others, to complete their chores, or to spend more time on homework, we need to mercifully and courageously offer guidance to those we love so they, too, can be pruned and grow in every way. 

Your enduring friendship with Jesus will help you through any pain. With this confidence ask yourself, how can I be open to pruning from loved ones and God? And how can I help others be pruned?

Before we “prune” ourselves or others, let us pray together to live out Father Peyton’s message, “The family that prays together stays together.” God bless.