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"The family that prays together stays together." - Venerable Patrick Peyton

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Keeping the Faith on Your Family Vacation

I share many check-in phone calls with my elderly father, and his typical send-off is, “Keep the faith, MaryB.” I smile as I recall this because it is Summer and as we plan family vacation time, the phrase "keep the faith" came to mind. Thanks, Dad. Thanks, Jesus. Vacations are typically taken as a time of rest. We are a green light, just keep swimming culture and rest can be challenging to come by, especially with children along. I recently shared a conversation with some friends who are in various stages of parenting about how to cultivate family rest time, find your own rest time, keep the faith alive and perhaps grow it while on a family vacation.

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Use Family Vacation as Renewal and Re-creation

Going on vacation? Here's some advice on how to recreate or “re-create” during this time and come home feeling renewed. For me, vacation is often, well, exhausting. I usually need a vacation after my vacation to rest up. And with a family with little ones sleeping in unfamiliar settings and following unusual schedules, this is to be expected. Even as my family has gotten older, working as the "travel agent" to make sure everyone is well-fed and entertained is equally exhausting. Despite coming home exhausted, it is still possible to come away from a vacation “re-created.”

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