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"The family that prays together stays together." - Venerable Patrick Peyton

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How Becoming a Mom Turned Me into a Rosary-Praying Woman

The Rosary was never my favorite form of prayer. In fact, I used to complain about how repetitive it was. I really struggled to pray it, and I struggled with the fact that the Church held the Rosary in such high regard. It was obvious that the Rosary was a significant form of prayer in the lives of many Catholics, including many saints. If they all upheld the Rosary’s value, who was I to ignore it?

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Behold Your Mother  |  mother's role  |  motherhood

How Mothers Remind Us of God

Now and then, I need help remembering something. Did I remember my homily, my keys, to call someone, to check on some pictures for an article I'm writing? Something as important as the time of the Sunday Mass I am celebrating to slightly less significant — to grab the coffee travel cup from the roof of my car (before driving away...again). Okay, so maybe it's more than every now and then; perhaps it's every day, throughout the day!

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