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"The family that prays together stays together." - Venerable Patrick Peyton

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Parenthood  |  family life  |  raising kids in the faith

Daily Bread Dilemmas

There is a perennial perplexity of parenting: discerning the best course of action from among many good contenders. Case in point, last night when I got home late from the last pick-up. We have five kids and there are lots of great activities they are involved in — cross country, volleyball, basketball, student council, space club, driver’s ed (our first! Yikes!), debate, etc.

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Behold Your Mother  |  Family Time  |  raising kids in the faith

Teaching the Faith through Stories

Imagine the scene: Months after her Son’s Resurrection and Ascension into Heaven, the Blessed Mother sits in the home of the beloved disciple, surrounded by a small group of Christ’s followers. Having spent, at best, three years with their Messiah, these new Christians are eager to learn more about Him. Mary quietly and humbly shares the stories of the Annunciation, her visit to Elizabeth, and Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem. She tells of Christ’s childhood growing up in Egypt and then Nazareth, the harrowing search for Him on the road from Jerusalem, and that time they both attended a wedding in Cana.

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Mass with Children  |  raising kids in the faith

How Children Naturally Witness to the Faith contributor, Megan Cottam reflects on the ways young children naturally witness to the faith. “Why do you bother bringing your kids to Mass? Isn’t it a hassle?” “Religious concepts are for older folks. Little kids are too young to understand.” Any of this sound familiar? For us moms with small kiddos, it can be daunting to handle the rejection that comes at us when we are doing our best to raise our children in the faith.

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