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"The family that prays together stays together." - Venerable Patrick Peyton

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Following the Good Shepherd's Voice

Although we know that Jesus learned carpentry at the knee of Joseph, it seems he also had a soft spot in his heart for shepherds. Maybe Mary had repeated the story to him of the humble group of men who followed the star to the stable in Bethlehem. Or maybe he took after God, his Father, who saw in the role of the shepherd one who protects, provides, and guides. In any case, when Jesus calls himself the “Good Shepherd” in John 10, it is clear that he is calling those who follow him into a special kind of relationship.

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Scripture’s Call to Care for Creation

While modern attention to climate change and ecological trends is at an all-time high, our calling as Christians to care for God’s creation made manifest in the world around us unfolds in the earliest pages of sacred scripture.

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