Family Reflection Video: Christ’s Light Shines Among Us

Posted by Father Leo Polselli, C.S.C. on Aug 2, 2017 12:46:29 PM
Father Leo Polselli, C.S.C.

Blinding joy, goodness and holiness illuminate the faces of those who live for God.

Inspirational witness of Christ’s Light illuminated the halls of the Father Peyton Center this past weekend as young men and women committed themselves to a four day retreat. We should strive to follow their model, as the seeds of faith root themselves in their lives and fiercely make their contribution to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Willing to share their treasure, they allowed the Light of Christ to shine through them in an effort to dispel the darkness that veils many eyes. As these young disciples are devout witnesses, how do you see the Light of Christ burning brightly among your own family and friends?

May Christ’s Light continue to manifest itself and shine brightly through your life.

For additional reading: Radiance of Moses’ Face, Exodus 34:29-35

Topics: grace, faith, power