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"The family that prays together stays together." - Venerable Patrick Peyton

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Sacred Heart enthronement  |  Scripture Study  |  reading the Bible

Experiencing the Sacred Heart of Jesus

St. John the Apostle highlights the Sacred Heart of Christ in his gospel when he relates that he rested his head on the chest of Jesus, after our Savior shared the heartbreaking news of Judas’s betrayal (John 13:23).

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Hope  |  Scripture Study  |  reading the Bible

Leading with Hope

Have you ever met someone who traverses adversity without losing hope? Miriam is such a person, and she imparts hope to us. Born into slavery in Egypt, Miriam was the older sister of Moses and Aaron. Her name is derived from the Hebrew words for “bitterness” or “rebellion,” and it may have reflected a cultural disposition toward bitterness because of Pharaoh’s maltreatment—including his attempted genocide of the Hebrew children, which Miriam and others actively resisted (Ex 1:15–16). In so doing, holy women such as Miriam “kept alive the hope of Israel’s salvation,” as the Catechism notes (CCC 46).

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Blessed Virgin Mary  |  Scripture Study  |  reading the Bible

Mary, Our Model of Feminine Sensitivity

Sensitivity in a woman is more than her tears at weddings or while watching a chick flick. Not to be confused with emotionalism or sentimentality, the gift of sensitivity runs much deeper. When she uses her gift intentionally, a woman quickly detects when others need love, care, or nurture.

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