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"The family that prays together stays together." - Venerable Patrick Peyton

Shelly Henley Kelly

Shelly Henley Kelly is a daughter of God, a Martha who strives to be Mary, living in the world, but not of the world, perpetually busy as breadwinner, wife, mother, catechist, and ACTS sister. A published author, Shelly writes about being a working mom and catechist at and can be heard on various podcasts at

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Praying the Rosary with Mary in the Front Seat

After returning from maternity leave, I surprised everyone – including myself – by changing careers and taking on a new role with the family business. Instead of having a five-minute commute, I drove 45 minutes each way. Faced with the reality of being in the car daily for 90 minutes, I took advantage of the time to do things I didn't have time to do before, like listening to audiobooks, podcasts, and audio CDs of lectures delivered at church.

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The Promise and Power of the Rosary: The Glorious Mysteries

The first time I learned about Father Patrick Peyton, C.S.C. was during the middle of the pandemic. Although I didn’t know much about him, I’d heard his catchy phrase before The Family That Prays Together Stays Together. His life in devotion to Mary and the Rosary is represented in a new book, The Family that Prays Together Stays Together: A Bead-by-Bead Family Guide through the Mysteries, by Father Willy Raymond, C.S.C.

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My Rosary Story: Mary in the Front Seat

Facing a long commute, Shelly Henley Kelly used her time in the car to cultivate the habit of praying the Rosary.

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