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"The family that prays together stays together." - Venerable Patrick Peyton

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Ten Surprising Facts About Donating Food

With Thanksgiving and Christmas rapidly approaching, many families like to get into the season by donating to their local food banks. Food can drives and other charity programs are a common part of the holiday season when many people are feeling more generous, grateful, and charitable. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, I worked as a youth minister, and our youth group assisted with organization and distribution at the local food bank. I grew up giving to food banks, but after several years of serving the poor, I’ve learned quite a few surprising facts about food banks and donation needs.

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Summer Family Fitness and Prayer Ideas

Summertime offers the perfect opportunity to get outside as a family and make exercise a fun experience. By taking part in physical activity together, you will be helping your children learn that fitness is about doing what you enjoy and doesn’t have to be a chore or involve a lot of time, expense, or fancy equipment. Additionally, family prayer, especially the Rosary, can easily be incorporated into many of these activities.

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